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Ciao everybody! Welcome to our new blog “ALLORA VIAGGIO” (which roughly translates: “So I Travel”). The world is changing “So I Travel” through my blog.

Ready to learn something about us?

Let’s start with…ME!    Ladies first! 😊


Donatella Ninja Turtles

Evolving and changing

I am Donatella and I was only 5 years old when I realized my favorite hobby (besides reading Mickey Mouse) was to explore the atlas, read the names of difficult to pronounce cities all over the world and dream of visiting them one day.

Germany was still divided, Yugoslavia was still united, and my curiosity and love for traveling was already apparent.

My family has always been static, unmovable, stationary, and very nervous about change and the unexpected. Naturally, traveling was out of the question.

Despite being raised amidst their dreadful anxiety, I developed a distinctive personality and became more determined to fulfil my dream of becoming a tour manager so I could earn a living while traveling the world!

I earned my college degree in Foreign Languages, spent one year of customer service in Dublin and then, finally, earned my license to be a tour manager!

What I really wanted most was to share my beautiful Country with people from all over the world. Meeting people from various cultures and watching them fall in love with Italy has always been my true passion so that’s what I decided to do for a living!

ALLORA VIAGGIO is our new adventure born during this unexpected downtime. Sharing stories, experiences and knowledge is the main goal of Allora Viaggio. The entire world seems to be OFF, but my desire to travel is still ON.

My supportive and amazing husband, Luca, who shares my passion (and craziness) convinced me to go beyond my limitations and start a new chapter in my life. I cannot wait for this opportunity to grow while adapting to our changing world !

All of you are invited to come with me and discover the secrets of travel!

Donatella Likes

  1. The Cheshire Cat smile 
  2. A beer on the beach at the sunset
  3. The smell of a freshly baked cake

Donatella Hates

  1. Commas in the wrong place
  2. Stepping on breadcrumbs
  3. A pantry without chocolate


Chi Siamo - Luca Allora Viaggio

You can’t imagine how thrilled I am every time I plan a new trip!

When I was a kid, it was I who decided the itinerary for all of our family vacations. When I became an adult, my passion became my job!  After attending a technical institute for tourism, I earned my license to be a tour manager and, finally, my life changed!

According to my lovely wife and my dearest friend, there are two things I’m really good at:         

  1. Planning trips all around the world even if I do not know the destinations.
  2. Sleeping EVERYWHERE, no matter if it’s in the middle of the street or on a couch! 

You can’t imagine how many pictures Donatella has of me sleeping in the strangest places!

But after 5 minutes, I’m ready again for exploring a new district, trying a new restaurant, visiting a new museum!

When I met Donatella, in 2011, I knew she would be the right person to start a new project with: a project of life together, a life full of new challenges and ideas, full of questions that we would answer together.

A few months ago, we wondered how we would survive this worldwide crisis that had impacted and continues to impact our careers. 

We decided to learn something new. No longer able to communicate our knowledge through a mic on a bus, we will now share our knowledge, our expertise and our beautiful country of Italy with you through a travel blog and an invisible but real NET!

We can’t wait to make you travel again!


Luca Likes

  1. Do-it yourself projects
  2. Collecting business cards
  3. Packing for a new trip

Luca Hates

  1. Failing in do-it-yourself projects
  2. Putting business cards in order 
  3. Unpacking